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Insect control prolonged

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Insect Control Prolonged

Insect Control Prolonged is a microencapsulated suspension for the destruction of various insects. The active substance of the preparation is enclosed in microcapsules with a size of 5 to 80 microns. During a variety of tests revealed the striking property of microcapsules to cling to the feet of any insect that has passed through the treated surface. The size of the capsules is so small that it simply envelops the limbs of the parasite, whether it be a bug, a cockroach, a flea or a flake. And while the insect does not feel any discomfort in this regard, and continues to move on treated surfaces. All insects in contact with Insect Control Prolonged, sooner or later die, while carrying the deadly poison to his lair. Thus, the death of the entire population is achieved. Insects disappear within 3-21 days (depending on the degree of population and population stability). Insect Control Prolonged is a specially designed, ready-to-use form of modern professional means of destruction insects: cockroaches, bugs, ants, wasps, flies, fleas and many other undesirable "neighbors" of man. One The vial is sufficient to 80 m ^ 2 of the surface to be treated.

Insect Control Prolonged is a microencapsulated remedy for bedbugs, a remedy for cockroaches, a remedy for fleas, ants, gnats, flies, wasps, hornets, spiders, woodworms, and other insect species. It has a smell, but does not spoil furniture, wallpaper and leaves no residue after the working solution dries. It refers to the minimum 4 toxicity class (low-hazard substances) and, if used correctly, is absolutely safe for humans and pets.

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