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Chemical Plant lab Overview

Our young company Chemical Plant lab. It founded in 2016, but all of our employees have extensive experience in all areas of activity in which we are doing well.

Our laboratory is engaged in innovative developments in the field of chemical protection against insects. Our team consists of scientists from Germany, the USA, Ukraine and China. We are engaged not only in the development, production and sale of insect repellents, but also free advise all its Clint how to carry out processing.

Our main goal - is the health of the population, as well as all possible assistance in the fight against harmful insects, because they are carriers of a huge number of viruses, infections and dangerous diseases.

For professional exterminator: We'll totally free and will explain how to deal with bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas and other insects, so that your treatment was effective and gave a positive result.

For the population: We will conduct a free consultation and explain what measures should be taken for effective treatment, what should be the procedure for dealing with various kinds of insects.

All our developments have passed laboratory tests, examinations and practical tests, the overall performance of our funds 100%, which is confirmed not only by laboratory tests and practical, but also reviews and thanked our customers.

Our developments:

All our tools are professional tools of struggle against insects, they are approved for use by the public at home, as well as industrial, food facilities, shops, outbuildings, warehouses and other types of objects.


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Chemical Plant lab has consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of excellence. Ask a Question